Safari Camp in Udawalawa

Udawalawe National Park which is considered to be the sixth largest animal sanctuary of Sri Lanka , is situated 180km from Colombo in South-Central sector of the country apart from that this park falls in two districts including Rathnapura district and Moneragala district which includes the right bank of walawe reservoir and left bank of the parkland. Udawalawe National Park, the very name rings a bell in avid travelers to Asian elephants along with the company of water buffaloes, wild boar, spotted deer, sambur deer, black- naped hare, mongoose and etc. Yet within this vast land, there lies many other wonders of nature. The lake which flows through the park, provides a chance for travelers to witness rare behaviors of animals. Moreover Udawalawe being apart from Elephants, is well famed for bird watching and this avifauna includes a large number of Warblers along with the usual low country birds in forested areas. A safari around this reservoir is something every traveler craved in for due to the thrilling experience which extends.

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